Parma 2020



Starting from February 27th on Sky Arte, Tiwi narrates the Parma 2020 experience in six episodes aimed at discovering the Italian capital of culture’s pace of life, full of art, cinema, innovation, music, taste. Full of beauty.

Parma is a time-machine where the past, present, and future unfold into multiple dimensions: art, food, innovation, beauty and quality of life. In the first documentary Guido Barilla, Anna Maria Meo, Clare Peploe Bertolucci, Giulia Ghiretti, Paolo Nori, Massimo Spigaroli and Arturo Carlo Quintavalle will guide us as we discover the features that have earned Parma the nomination as the 2020 Italian capital of culture – giving a new pace to the Emilian city.

The theme song we designed and created for the series on Parma 2020 is a symphony orchestra made up of all the elements that characterize this city’s invaluable historical and cultural heritage. It is a tribute to Parma and to its musical tradition, known and appreciated all over the world.

The second of the six episodes on Parma 2020, on air in March, is about a very special person to this city: Bernardo Bertolucci.
Thanks to archival interviews with this great director and to the special contribution of Michele Guerra, Clare Peploe Bertolucci, Vittorio Storaro and Francesco Barilli, “Bernardo Bertolucci. Parma è stata il cinema” is a journey of discovery of Bertolucci’s poetic vision. The time and place where his passion for cinema sparked and never faded.