Twice upon a time, Gianni Rodari



Writer, journalist, master/mentor, musician, communist leader, magazine editor, poet, lyricist, fantasy theorist: Gianni Rodari was many things. “Twice upon a time, Gianni Rodari” tells his story through many testimonies and his own texts – letters, articles, diaries, nursery rhymes – read by Neri Marcorè within a setting entirely made of paper.

It is soon discovered why Rodari is much more than a writer of children’s books: he’s a timeless classic, read by adults and children. The original music composed by Rodrigo D’Erasmo and the animations created by TIWI will take us straight to a world of magic and fantasy, right as it is in his narrative, as a tribute in the year of his centenary.

This documentary – produced by Sky Arte and Tiwi with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte – Piemonte Doc Film Fund – will premiere on Sky Arte starting from October 23rd. Among the guests are Gaia Stock, Paolo Di Paolo, Nadia Terranova, Stefano Bartezzaghi, Gek Tessaro, Beatrice Alemagna, and Giulia Notari.

Did you know that fantasy is a subject, just like math, physics, and grammar? Learning more about it can help get the fantasy started and building stories in which trees wear slippers and war doesn’t exist anymore, so as to “give everyone every use of the word… not because everyone’s an artist, but because nobody has to be a slave”.