Galleria Continua

Telling the story of more than 30 years of activity is not easy, and memories come more easily to mind when images guide them. The memories that made this documentary are first and foremost those of Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo, founding members of Galleria Continua and Associazione Arte Continua.

We will see them together, in a large screening room, commenting on the most iconic and sometimes improbable photos of their adventure together. But we will also hear the memories of the great artists, curators, artisans and other protagonists of an experience that in recent years has ranged and continues to range between art and territory, local and global, genuine emotions and visionary challenges.

Continua is a permanent invention, the courage to dare, the ability to dream and to ask “why not?” while always being on the side of artists, on the side of art.
This documentary condenses in one hour over thirty years of crazy projects, which perhaps no other gallery in the world would have agreed to undertake, but which have made Continua today a symbol of enterprise and genius on which, as Anish Kapoor says, “the sun never sets”.